Monday, April 13, 2009

James Rumsey Yard Sale

The Loot: SSC game (I'll use the pieces to make cards), Two brand new Tupperware Salad Containers (very handy for work), SSC lights, SSC talking doll, Vintage SSC and Lime Tin, Care Bear pillow (for my sister), Several T-Shirts (appear to be brand new for 50 cents each), plastic baskets (one escaped the photo - needed for my classroom!)

The James Rumsey Yard Sale in an unpredicatable creature. Two years ago, I filled my car with so much wonderful stuff from this sale that I literally had to drive home with my knees in the dashboard, as I had to move my seat up to fit everything in. Last year, I left almost completely empty handed.
This year, the sale was hampered by extremely cold and windy weather. Some of the sellers seemed to be of the flea market variety - high priced junk in some cases. However, I did find some good stuff, too - including some Strawberry Shortcake. Overall Grade: C.

Love and Hug,

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More great finds!