Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Hot Mish Mash

Love the vintage umbrella. It's huge and in perfect condition. 50 cents
Brand new magnetic mailbox cover. New, these sell for about 14.95 in my area. I paid $1.00. :)

Beautiful earrings. The woman having the sale told me that her mother-in-law bought them for her in Barbados and since she hates her mother-in-law she can't wear them. $1.00. The necklace was 50 cents. I think it's Premier.

All of the adhesive rhinestones and pearls were 25 cents per package. I will put them in the HappyScrapper bags next month. The wall paper rolls are EXACTLY what I want for one of my bathrooms. That stuff is expensive at Lowes and I got it for $1 per roll.

Once again, Blogger turns a photo sideways for no apparent reason. Agh. Anyhoo - This was a treasure find. She's a vintage My Child Doll in original clothing. Unfortunately, some little girl decided to take a green magic marker to her forehead and arms. I bought her for resale.

I don't usually whine about the heat. I get tired of hearing other people whine about the heat. But, DANG ... this summer has been hot!!!! I understand all the complaining, I really do. The summer heat has certainly had a huge effect on my yard sale efforts this summer. I haven't posted much here because I really haven't been to as many sales. Usually, I go to yard sales every weekend in the summer. In total, I've went yard saling maybe five times the whole summer. It's just too hot. So, I went out for just about an hour (before the heat really revved up) a couple of weeks ago, and these were my finds.
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