Friday, October 15, 2010

What to Wear When Yard Sale-ing

One does not need to look trendy, pretty, or glamorous to yard sale. A die hard, serious yard saler can be quickly spotted for their practicality and comfortable attire.

What to wear:

1. Layers:
I reccommend a long sleeved, button front shirt over a T-shirt. Your T-shirt needs to be long enough that when you bend over to sift through a box of goodies you don't give the world a show. ;)

2. Comfortable Sneakers:
I don't reccomend sandals. If you are up and about early, chances are you will be walking in dew covered grass. In addition, I've had several occasions where I found myself walking in tall grass and/or muddy areas.

3. Sunglasses

4. A small purse with a very long strap that can be draped across your body, leaving your hands free for digging.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I purchased some things that I normally wouldn't on this sale-ing trip. I am honored to be a member of Delta Kappa Gamma, an organization of key women educators. As a service project, we are making Christmas wreaths for a local nursing home. That is why I purchased the wreath, ornaments, and ribbon ($2.00 total!).
My favorite find of the day were the handmade purses. They still had the $35 dollar price tags from a craft show, but I only paid $5. Woo hooo!!!

The other purse is a yard sale gift for my MIL. I picked up the little gourd ornament because it seems that I always need an ornament for an exchange at Christmas time (25 cents). The brand new tupperware container is PERFECT for microwaving at work (50 cents). I've always wanted a set of those little vintage grape-shaped on the vine salt n pepper shakers (25 cents!!!). The Partylite candle holder is super heavy and shouldn't blow off my porch (50 cents). I couldn't resist the Santa figurine. At Christmas time, I deck out my kitchen in St.Nick. The pyrex dish was $1, the oatmeal bath (opened but none of it used) was 25 cents and is wonderful when you have dry skin or poison ivy. The T-Shirt was 25 cents.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please consider following my blog. Now that cooler weather has settled in, I should have weekly posts.

Happy Thrifting and Yard Sale-ing!