Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oh, The Places You'll Go

I went yard saling a couple of weekends ago with my favorite yard sale buddy, Cheryl. What makes a good yard sale buddy? Hmmm... well, let's save that for another blog post. ;)

So, we went to a few sales that were incredibly small. I always wonder at these incredibly small sales how much $$$ the individual would make even if they sold every single item. It doesn't seem worth it to me, but hey, whatever floats their boat.

Berkely County Relay for Life had a huge sale in the Martinsburg Mall Parking lot. Everything was "donation only." This presents a challenge for people like me. I want to give a donation, but I don't want it to be insultingly low. At the same time, I do want to score a deal on the items that I'm purchasing. At the Relay for Life Sale, I bought a quilted purse, some Kelly doll furniture, an electric light (that didn't work when I got home- agh!), a HUGE box of pencils, and a couple of Strawberry Shortcake things. The Kelly doll furniture is for prop use. I am entering the photo contest this year at the Strawberry Shortcake Collector's Convention. The furniture is the perfect size. I was most excited about that huge box of pencils. As a teacher, I probably purchase between 500 - 1000 pencils a year, with my own money.
At the Spring Mills Flea Market, I was pretty disappointed to find that most of the vendors still had their stuff covered up or were only beginning to unload at 9:00 a.m.. I'm not real impressed with this new flea market yet, but that is fodder for yet another future blog post. The only items I found there were some vintage My Little Ponies, a gold purse, and a beat up vintage CPK. He needs some major work, but I think he'll be cute once I get him fixed up.
We went to the Bartles' family yard sale. This sale was huge. They had tarps laying everywhere and EVERYTHING was 25cents. I wish I had been able to go to this sale on Friday because I think I could have scored bigtime. I did get a complete Lemon SSC doll, a LPS, and a pretty blue tin.
Also on Rt.11, at a townhouse, I found a lavendar sweater and three cans of Avon Bug Spray. That stuff works wonders! My husband is an avid hunter and it's all he'll use. We usually pay at least $6 a can from an Avon dealer, so at $1 a can, I bought all she had with a smile on my face.
Near downtown Martinsburg, we stopped at a house with an unadvertised sale. They had a TON of great baby stuff, but alas I wasn't in the mood to look for stuff for the Care Pregnancy Center that day. Instead, I found some great books for my classroom, including a copy of The Places You'll Go. I plan to read it to my exiting 8th graders on the last day of school.

Anyhoo - I didn't come home with much, but that was due to the weather. We only had a couple of hours because the wind was incredbile and the sky was black due to an impending thunderstorm. That's okay ... we have all summer left. Besides, we had a wonderfully relaxing lunch at Habanero in downtown Martinsburg. Yummy.