Friday, June 11, 2010

What To Bring

All avid (and rabid!) yard salers know that there are some items to pack that will make their yard sale adventures more fun and easier. This is The Garage Sale Diva's Yard Saler Packing List:

1. Full tank of gas.
Nothing is worse than being in between two awesome sales and having to divert your route to go to the gas station.
2. A list, printout, or other way of knowing your route. I usually just jot down a few addresses on the back of an envelope after scouring Craigslist, The Buyer's Guide, and the local newspaper. For the most part, I can remember my route in my head, and I only write down the sales that I'm afraid I may forget. On particulary busy Saturdays, I'll use Yahoo maps and actually map out my route.

3. LOTS of change and $1 and $5 bills. This is a biggie. Many people that are having yard sales grossly understimate the change that they will need.

4. Sunglasses. I actually use these not only to protect my eyes, but I also don't like for others to know exactly what I'm looking at. Weird, I know.

5. Water and a snack.

6. Hand Sanitizer. After handling items, it's nice to have. I've been to a few sales that have made me want to bathe in it.

7. Boxes, bags, and bubble wrap. Make sure your treasures make it home safely.

8. A likeminded friend :) Going to yard sales with a friend is incredibly FUN if you are the same type of yard salers. My friend Cheryl is a great yard sale friend. In a future blog post, I'll write about what makes a great Yard Sale Buddy. I'll also be writing about WHAT TO WEAR when yard saling.


Elizabeths Attic said...

I would love to start a trend of yard sales here in the Uk but it seems they prefer boot sales - Oh well a sales a sale when all said and done and I know what you mean about hand sanitizers....
Beverley x

Isaac said...

And if you ever regret getting something, list it for sale online on It's totally free.

Paper Addict said...

great those sales...Ronnie

cheryllynnes said...

Loved your suggestions on what to bring. Looking forward reading your witty, but pragmatic wisdom on apparel and buddy-tips.

Cheryl (from SMMS)

jane simi's blog said...
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Kalyber said...

great ideas and good to know.