Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Hot Mish Mash

Love the vintage umbrella. It's huge and in perfect condition. 50 cents
Brand new magnetic mailbox cover. New, these sell for about 14.95 in my area. I paid $1.00. :)

Beautiful earrings. The woman having the sale told me that her mother-in-law bought them for her in Barbados and since she hates her mother-in-law she can't wear them. $1.00. The necklace was 50 cents. I think it's Premier.

All of the adhesive rhinestones and pearls were 25 cents per package. I will put them in the HappyScrapper bags next month. The wall paper rolls are EXACTLY what I want for one of my bathrooms. That stuff is expensive at Lowes and I got it for $1 per roll.

Once again, Blogger turns a photo sideways for no apparent reason. Agh. Anyhoo - This was a treasure find. She's a vintage My Child Doll in original clothing. Unfortunately, some little girl decided to take a green magic marker to her forehead and arms. I bought her for resale.

I don't usually whine about the heat. I get tired of hearing other people whine about the heat. But, DANG ... this summer has been hot!!!! I understand all the complaining, I really do. The summer heat has certainly had a huge effect on my yard sale efforts this summer. I haven't posted much here because I really haven't been to as many sales. Usually, I go to yard sales every weekend in the summer. In total, I've went yard saling maybe five times the whole summer. It's just too hot. So, I went out for just about an hour (before the heat really revved up) a couple of weeks ago, and these were my finds.
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Cass said...

Great finds!!! I wonder if you could use some of that oxy action spray on the dolls forehead to get the marker out?

Rebecha said...

I have tried. Eventually, I think it would come out, but I am going to leave it up to the new owner.

Thanks for the comment,by the way!

Elizabeths Attic said...

Rebecha. My daughter did that sort of thing to most of her dolls when she was a wee thing. I have a baby talk doll (complete with American accent) with spiky hair because she cut it with my pastry scissors and painted eye lids that were supposed to be eye shadow. Ah well children will be children. I wish you could send some of the heat over here to the UK we could do with some summer sunshine we are now going into autumn as another wet summer bights the dust.

143RSL said...

Hi there--if you plan on selling, please let me know--I am dying to find one of these for my little girl and the doll you have is lovely. Please email me and let me know