Sunday, December 2, 2007

Greetings, From Charleston!

I'm currently sitting in the Business Center of the Charleston Embassy Suites. I'm here for a conference at the Civic Center. This hotel is so incredibly nice. Although I will be working, it's still going to feel like a mini vacation.

I stopped on the way down here to visit my college roommate and friend, Tracy and her family. Once I'm home, I'll post pictures. I really enjoyed playing with her kids. We played with Little People, had a tea party, constructed towers from Legos, and of course played with Strawberry Shortcake dolls. We colored, made an imaginary raft, and played with temporary tatoos. Tracy calls the kids monsters, but they are seriously some of the best behaved kids I know. I contribute this to the fact that Tracy and her husband Kyle are amazing parents that are teaching them respect and right vs. wrong, raising them in the church, and generally living a good, clean life. I wish Addie would come spend an entire week with me in the summer, but she isn't ready to leave her mom for that long just yet. One day.

Now that I'm here in Charleston, I'm not quite sure what to do with myself, to be honest. I'm so used to doing, doing, doing, that it's hard to just relax in the room. I know if I put on my jammies and found a great Lifetime Movie Network film, I would probably fall into some much needed sleep within minutes. However, the big mall is calling to me with it's candy shop, book store, and West Virginia specialty shop. They have a fitness center here in the hotel. The treadmill is calling my name, but I am pretending not to hear. :)

I miss Brian very much. I'm sure he has been watching archery videos and The Outdoor Channel 24 hours a day since I went on my road trip. The thermostat is probably down to 50 degrees and I imagine that he has been eating McDonald double cheeseburgers for dinner every night. He misses me, too - but he can't deny that he loves being able to watch several hours of uniterrupted hunting videos every night. Men. They are so funny. I have the best one, though.

Don't forget to say your prayers ~ The Lord hears them all - big and small.

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