Monday, November 12, 2007

My SSC Ornament Collection

In my opinion, the ornaments are some of the most difficult items to display. If you leave them in the boxes, they take up a tremendous amount of space. However, if you take them out of the boxes, the majority will not stand on their own. So, I deboxed them (but saved the boxes of course) and asked Brian to hang this wrought iron holder for me. He suspended the entire thing from the celing and even put the ornments on it for me. He's such a loving husband. I don't know too many men that would spend a half hour of their life doing such a thing. He really didn't want me to take his picture because he said, "It's not gonna look manly at all." I couldn't resist.


lovely said...

"Its not gonna look manly at all." LOL. Well, it might not look manly, but it makes women swoon. How's that?

The Garage Sale Diva said...

He just shook his head at me and left the room. I'm not sure what to make of that reaction?!!?