Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Perfect Way to Spend a Cold, Rainy Saturday in November

1. Don't shower. You aren't going anywhere. Who cares if you stink.
2. Play Christmas music. Loud.
3. Make hot chocolate. Add an insane amount of marshmallows.
4. Vow to not answer the phone today.
5. Wrap Christmas gifts.
6. Shop on Ebay.
7. Eat Candy.
8. Don't answer the doorbell when it rings. (Refer to #1)
9. Read something just for fun.
10. Pray that you'll be more productive tomorrow.


AaronsMama said...

Sounds great! I'm totally jealous! Did I RSVP for HappyScrappers? I can't keep track of anything anymore, things are so hectic! I also wanted to give you my new blog website! Check it out!

The Garage Sale Diva said...

Yes, you did! You said that you will be there. Do you know if your Aunt Kristi is coming?

AaronsMama said...

She never mentioned to me that she was coming, but I will ask her and tell her to let you know! Of course you can put my blog on your list! I will of course do the same for you once I figure out how! :) Can't wait for Saturday!!!

lovely said...

I totally agree!! I have one addition...."resist the temptation to run down to the thrift store real quick." LOL