Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yard Sales in Review 7/19

I totally forgot to take a picture of my goodies before I cleaned everything and put it away. Duh! I promise to do better next time. :) Anyhoo - I did find some good stuff. However, I was incredibly hot and the majority of the sales were either JUNK or OVERPRICED.

We started by going to the much publicized and overhyped, "14 mile yard sale" in Glengary. What a disappointment. There were only about ten stops along the route, and only one of the stops was decent. I only bought five paperback chapter books for my classroom and tennis balls (also for my classroom). I will probably never go to the "14 mile yard sale" again. EVER. One of the places we stopped was so gross that I felt that I needed to hose off after we left.

Things improved after we left the Glengary route. I found:
2 rolls of velvet ribbon
Gift bags/bows
Many chapter books for my classroom
SSC lamp
SSC mcDonald's toys
Pie dish
cute apple thingie for my dining room
Jenga game
Two adorable sweatshirts (one Christmas, one Halloween)
A lot of envelopes.

Buying envelopes for my handmade cards can get expensive. So, I've been buying packs of cards at yard sales (25 cents) and just keeping the envelopes for my cardmaking. I bought about 60 envelopes for 75 cents in the course of the day yesterday. Woo Hooooooo!!!!!

The "Yard Sale of the Day" Award would definitely go to Friendship Church Of the Brethren. Their goodies were well displayed, clean, and cheap.

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Erika H. said...

It is so fun reading about your garage sale adventures. I haven't had good luck with sales lately, so I love to hear about others having better luck. What fun!