Monday, August 18, 2008

The Double Toll Gate Flea Market

I'm annoyed with Blogger. It keeps rotating this photo of Vernoica and Family.
Cindy looking at beautiful stuff.
Cindy and I at the Flea.
This guy had box after box after box.

I finally have flea market news to report. Yippeeee!!! My Fairy Godmother, Cindy, invited me to go to the Double Toll Gate Flea Market with her on Saturday. It was a blast. Of course, I could have a blast watchin paint dry with Cindy. She's so fun. While we were there, my friend Veronica and her family came and we had a quick meetup with them. Her baby Cam is just the sweetest thing in the world.

Anyhoo, this is what I scored at the flea market:
- Strawberry Shortcake (SSC) Fleece Blanket
- Two Pairs of Vintage SSC Shoes
- SSC Board Game
- SSC Bandana
- SSC Umbrella
- Yellow Tomatoes and a lot of other great produce
- Two Hallmark Merry Miniatures (for Ebay resale)
- Gift Boxes/Tissue Paper

It was a very fun day and I would like to go there again. My only complaint was the lack of decent bathrooms. The porta-potties are DIGUSTING. They need cleaned or dumped or something. Ewwww. Next time I'll know to pee in advance.

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