Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An Estate Auction

This past Saturday, I went to an estate auction with my in-laws. I opted to attend this instead of yard sales because (1) There were very few yard sales advertised, and (2) I've decided to reopen my Ebay business and I was in dire need of inventory. For most of the day, I didn't see anything that I was very crazy about. However, toward the end of the sale, I managed to win a huge lot of various glassware (Fenton, Kanawha, Colony, etc.)and occupied Japan pieces for just $5.00. Also, a really nice woman gave me an entire box of about twenty-five vintage linen kitchen calendars for free. This picture doesn't include everything that I won. In fact, in the background are some things that actually belong to me - like the chip and dip platter and the oil lamp. Sorry about the picture ~ I was in a lazy mood. However, I still think you can tell that I brought home a load of goodies for just a little bit of $$$.

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Veronica said...

Wowsa VERY nice haul! I LOVE the Fenton Silver Crest Spanish Lace bell, and vase. Just beautiful!