Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yard Sale Report, April 5th


WHERE: Bedington Ruritan Club Building



The first yard sale that I went to was at the Bedington Ruritan Club Building. I knew the people that were holding the sale, and I was excited when I saw the rows of filled tables. I was there bright and early - 6:58 a.m. Some other early bird, die hard yard salers were there too. This was my first official yard sale of the season, and it was a great one! I didn't find even one little violation. There were various items, everything was priced reasonably, displayed well, plenty of parking, and the people were SUPER friendly.

At this sale I found some things to keep, some things for Ebay resale, and some items for my family's annual Yard Sale Christmas. To keep, I found a really cool zippered case to carry around my ink pads, an adorable ceramic frog that will live happily ever after in my flower bed, an awesome expandle file that I plan to put all of my scrapbooking alphabets in, and a never lit candle that smells like Sugar Cookies. To resell, I snatched up a NIB Patchville Bunnies figurine, Playdate SSC doll, and vintage handheld Milton Bradley game. I got the "Button Shop" Christmas village house for my momma.


WHERE: Rt.11 North, Between Bedington Crossroads Store and Ernie's Salvage Yard, In Large Yard on Very Steep Hill


VIOLATIONS: False Advertising, Some items very poorly displayed, Lack of pricing, Not ready at beginning of sale, Dangerous parking situation

At first, I was VERY excited about this sale because it was advertised as a "fifteen family" sale. Um, no! When I drove up on the location I recognized that this was a home that had well over five yard sales last summer, and none of them very appealing to me. So, I was immediately pessimistic about finding any treasures. However, being the Garage Sale Diva that I am, I found a place to park and carefully crossed the busy road. Parking is definitely an issue at this perpetual yard sale.

I quickly realized that there were a total of five families set up. I asked about the "15 family" claim and was told that some people "chickened out because it might rain" and they would be having the sale again this Saturday. HHmmm......

One family had all of their stuff on a tarp and still boxed and bagged up for the most part. It was difficult to remain bent over digging through their stuff. None of it was priced. Agh! I walked away quickly.

The next set of tables was completely OVERPRICED for a yard sale. This dude had priced his things for a consignment shop or antique store. I didn't purchase anything from him, either.

The next set of tables (closest to the busy road) were very well displayed and the pricing was very fair. I noticed that this guy had lots of OLD stuff. However, nothing much tickled my fancy. That is, until out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a Strawberry Shortcake vintage pillow doll. I already have one, but figured I could resale her.

A lady and her daughter were my saving grace at this yard sale. I bought several great Tupperware bowls, a like new sweatshirt, new in the box Mary Kay powder, and something I can't post on this blog because I'm giving it to one of my readers. ;) I only wish that they had been ready with all of their stuff out while I was there. They were still unloading everything from their vehicle.

I then made my way up the hill to the garage. I spent some time digging through four baskets of craft stuff that was priced at 25 cents each or 3/$1. Yes, you read that right. That is what the lady said. I found a Creative Memories folio there for $2 that I plan to store my rub-ons in, some leather flowers, jelly embellishments, and a package of vintage Care Bear gift wrap. This sale has already been advertised again for this Saturday and I haven't decided if I will return or not.

I apologize that the pictures in my posts are out of order. Blogger wouldn't cooperate today.


Becky said...

Looks like you got some great things! I am looking forward to yard saling this weekend! Had to work this past week, so I'll be counting down until Saturday!! :)

Veronica said...

Congrats on your finds! You always find the best stuff!

Tracy said...

Oh my gosh! I had that same strawberry shortcake pillow when I was little. My Grandma made it for me. I think we got the material from a local fabric shop. Does that sound right? Anyway, Hi from South Carolina. We brought the kids down here for Spring Break. Love and miss ya bunches!!

Lisa West said...

HI, great to have found you. Lisa

Claire said...

Girl you crack me UP!!! I love your "violations" list. lol