Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Good Day / Totally Random Stuff

Aren't these rhododendron's beautiful? My father would be so proud. I'll have to send him a picture. For anyone that may not know, rhododendron's are the West Virginia state flower. You never know when you might need to know such useless trivia. :) Today was a really nice day. Brian and I drove over to Harper's Ferry and bought some delicious yellow tomatoes, green peppers, and vidalia onions. We checked out the flea market, but I only found a few things.... some Zig markers and a new pair of sunglasses that screamed 1984. The heat was doing us both in, so we decided to head over to The Diner across from the racetrack for lunch. Lunch was fabulous. We headed home, stopped for the Sunday paper (I have to get the coupons, you know!), and then spent the rest of the day watching movies and talking. The phone has only rang maybe six times today. That is a big deal around here. Our phone usually rings a lot on Sundays. So, the peace and quiet has been very refreshing today. I have only two days of work left. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the next two days. I've already packed up my classroom. I suppose I'll do a wonderful job of appearing busy. I'm planning to visit with Brian's grandmother every day this week. I also have plans to meet up with my Fairy Godmother, Cindy, on Wednesday afternoon. Spending time with special people makes my heart smile. I also hope to clean out my closet this week. I'm fatter than most of my clothes and something has to give. So, I'm going to box up all of my "too small" clothes. At this point, they are only taking up precious room in my crowded closet. Well, I've blah, blah, blahed far too much already. If you're still reading, you deserve a cookie!

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Becky said...

What kind of cookie?!?! YUMM! Sounds like you two had a great day! I don't think we so much as opened the door to go out yesterday. Just too hot. We were bums all day! Hope you have a good week!