Friday, June 20, 2008

Update on Brian's Grandma

First, let me say that I appreciate each and every person that has prayed for Grandma Thelma. She feels the presence of those prayers. One of the first things she said to me this morning was, "It's the Lord .... He is the reason I feel better today." Today was the first "good" day that Brian's grandma has had in a while now. We still aren't allowing her to stay by herself, as she is much to weak and dizzy for that, but she is much more lucid. Her blood pressure was very low at her doctor's appointment yesterday, so he took her off of her bp medicine and she felt better today. Continue to pray for her, please, as she still has cancer. Someone asked me today how I had the time to make so many cards lately. Well, I take my cardmaking stuff to Grandma's and I sit on her floor near her chair and I work on cards. She loves to give me her opinion about colors and stamps. She says, "I'm amazed by those things. " She is the strongest and sweetest woman I know.

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