Sunday, June 15, 2008

In the Zone

A sympathy card using Anita's 50 cent stamp
Another Anita's fifty cent stamp
Altered Salsa Jar filled with Candy
12x12 Mother's Day Luncheon (1981)
Anniversary Card
All-Occasion Card
Anniversary Card (looks so much better in real life!)

Baby Card (sorry the pic is so fuzzy)

With school out for the summer, I've found myself In the Zone. In other words, I've been cleaning, organizing, cleaning, sorting, reorganizing, cleaning, and papercrafting. I should probably mention that I love to clean, organize, and papercraft. Tonight, having all of the cleaning finished, I worked on several craft projects. I made several cards, one 12x12 scrapbook page, and I altered a salsa jar to make a treat jar. The treat jar is a gift for our close friend, Zach. He always heads straight for my candy jar whenever he visits. Since he started dating a new girlfriend, he doesn't come over nearly as much. So, I'm going to send a little jar of candy his way. The photos on the 12x12 page are very special to me. They are from a Mother's Day Luncheon in 1981. I especially love the second picture because when I look at it I am reminded of how strong the women in my family have been. I look at their faces and think about the hardships so many of them have overcome. They've left quite a legacy.


Becky said...

You are definitely in the zone! All of your projects are great! I wish I had the time and energy to get some crafting done!

Veronica said...

I love all of your cards! I love that all of them are different and so very pretty. I love the stickles, papers, and your different uses of the scallop punch. Great work!