Friday, June 5, 2009

Garage Sale Hauls 3/30

My friend Cheryl and I hit the yard sales at about 8:15 a.m. on Saturday, May 30th, and we hit the jackpot! Her car was so full of finds that we had to put her back seats down and I had to push my passenger seat up until I only had about six inches for my knees. What a great day. First, the weather was PERFECT. Slight breeze, mid 70's. We found several sales withing just an 8 mile radius of my house, and most importantly ..... the yard sales were PRICED RIGHT! Wahh hooooooo!!!!!!! I hope that it was an opening day that will repeat itself many times over this summer. Anyhoo - for the haul, see pictures and the comprehensive list below.
If you are a yard saler, I'd love to hear about your finds.

- A Wooden Shelf (from Country Treasures) for $20 (original pricetag of $124.99 is still on it)
- A Wooden Bench $5
- A Wooden Country Box $5 (from Country Treasures)
- An adorable berry wreath swag decoration $3
- Light Up Country House Decor Item $5 (again, from country treasures)
- Three Tableclothes (two red ones for Christmas/Valentine's Day in the dining room, and one Green One for every day in the dinng room) 25 cents each
- Santa Decoration (from Cracker Barrel - I collect these.)
- Another Santa Decoration $1 (29.99 price tag from Bon Ton still inside)
- Strawberry Shortcake Doll Stroller
- Large, Strong Rolling Crate w/ Lid $1 (perfect for Scrapbooking paper)
- Red Purse w/matching wallet 50 cents
- Cream Purse w/matching wallet 50 cents
- Pearl Necklace 50 cents
- Strawberry Shortcake Pony 25 cents
- Strawberry Shortcake Photo
- SSC Fabric
- Weight Watchers Serving Spoons $1 (retail for $22)
- New In Package, Pampered Chef Pastry Roller
- New In Package, Pampered Chef Pie Server
- TupperWare Soup Mug 50 cents (perfect for taking my lunch to work)
- Adorable Napkins 25 cents
Not Pictured: Winnie the Pooh Pack-n-Play that I donated to the Care Pregnancy Center
- Direct TV Receiver $4 (I now have Direct TV in my bedroom - Wah Hoo! A new receiver from Direct TV costs $60)
- Bag of Sunblock, Soap, and Lotion samples that I donated to the Center

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WVMommyofTwo said...

Great bargains Becky!!! Love all your fun Country Treasures bargains! I just started a new blog-needed a fresh start. :) I have LOTS of yard sale treasures to post-we've hit some really good ones lately!

Denise said...

I LOVE going to garage sales!!