Sunday, June 28, 2009

Season of Friendship

I had two general inspirations for this card. First, I was inspired by the wonderful 2RedBananas Banana Split Sunday Challenge. The challenge was to create a card inspired by a summertime photograph. I found inspiration in the summer season, the azure blue color, and the simplicity of the photo.
Secondly, I was inspired by the gratitude that I feel for the wonderful friends that I have in my life. So many friends... real, true friends stopped me in church this morning to ask me how Grandma Thelma was doing this morning. Another friend brought me a bag of clothes because she knows I've been working so hard at my weight loss goals and that buying new clothing before you reach your goal is expensive. Another friend sent me an ecouraging card about my weight loss yesterday. I'm so blessed to have so many great friends and I truly believe the sentiment on this card.... "The Season of Friendship Lasts Forever."
It was difficult to photograph this card - especially the glittery little blue bird in the tree.
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Love and a Hug,
All of the materials used in this card were Stampin' Up, except for the Ranger Stickles.


Jeanette - said...

Beautiful card! I love the tree and the little bird :) Thanks for playing along in the 2RedBananas challenge.

Becky said...

I love this card Becky!!

BJ_Mama said...

That's a gorgeous card! Thanks for stopping by my blog too. I have to say, I'm a sucker for a garage sale myself!

Cassie said...

one of my fav sets! great card! thanks for playing at 2RB

Teresa said...

cute card, love the sparkles. Thanks for joining the bananas.